At present, two tenders are available for companies:

GINOP-4.1.2-18 - “Supporting building energetic developments using renewable energy”. The condition are very similar that of the tender under code GINOP-4.1.1-8.4.4-16

VEKOP-5.1.1 - “Supporting building energetic developments using renewable energy with a combined credit” in the Central Hungary Region.

Both tenders available only for small- and medium sized enterprises and the tenderers shall use renewable energy for improving the energy efficacy of buildings. The maximal budget is HUF 100,000 for both tenders, however, in different construction:

  • for GINOP, 50% own finds + 50% state subsidy,
  • for VEKOP, 10% own funds and  the remaining 90% is covered by a construction consisting of state subsidy “ combined credit.


Tax allowance

Companies with profit can use corporate tax allowance (TAO in Hungarian). The tax allowance can be used for investment with energy efficacy purposes and the maximal amount is the HUF equivalent of EUR 15 million.



  • paying corporate tax
  • 30-40-50% deductible (big – medium– small-sized enterprise)
  • the maturity of the investment is 5 years
  • 70% of the corporate tax allowance (TAO) can be claimed at once
  • can be claimed to any saving, such saving can be demonstrated specifically
  • previous consumption
  • energetic audit


As of July 26, 2018, the scope and the extent of the tax allowance is changed: previously, it could be used energy efficacy investments, from now on it can used for renovations.

In certain cases, the ratio of allowance is raised compared to the total charges (not the Central Hungary Region and in settlements that can be supported in the Central Hungary Region). The maximal amount, EUR 15 million, however, remains the same.   

For further information, visit this and this site. 

All in all, positive developments may be observed on the energy efficacy market. The allowances should be exploited with accurately planned and elaborated projects in which we can help you.


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