The engineers at Kermann have been developing LED lighting products since 2008. At first, industrial LED lights were designed and manufactured for halls and plants.

Today we are more than that: we offer a full range of lighting solutions for our Clients, from design to implementation.  

Kermann LEDTestimonials

“I’m a sportsman myself, so I have experience not only as operator but also as user. When I play badminton, it is not blinding even when the race light is on sufficient for television broadcasting.”

Boda Péter, head of ME-Sportközpont

“When I took the explosion-proof Kermann Atex light in my hands, I told my fellow workers that it sure has quality materials in it. Easily and well mountable, quality luminaire, I would mount it everywhere without hesitation.”

Attila Bartha, a lighting contractor of the paint shop of Luxbad Kft.

“Before ordering the LED lights, the consumption of the old and new light was measured for 39 days with a special tool. Result: LED light consumes LESS by 51.6% that of the old one.

“If the possible damages are well visible, it POSITIVELY AFFECT THE VEHICLE HANDOVER-TAKEOVER.
THE SECURITY AND CONTROLLABILITY OF THE AREA HAVE BEEN SIGNIFICANTLY IMPROVED, and, from property protection point of view, it is much better than the old one.”

Gábor Montlika, Head of Infrastructure Maintenance at DKV
H-1139 Budapest
Röppentyű u. 48.

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Why chooseKermann?

  • mert magyar cég
  • több mint 10 éves tapasztalat a LED technológiában
  • mérnök kollégáink folyamatos háttértámogatás biztosítanak
  • saját fejlesztésű termékeinkre minimum 5 év garanciát vállalunk
  • kizárólag minőségi termékeket kínálunk
  • tervezétől-kivitelezésig teljeskörű szolgűltatás csomaggal állunk rendelkezésére

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