Design & Evaluation

All successful projects are preceded by good design. 
Our lamps are designed in-house, which is a good starting point. 
This also offers a good platform for the next steps. Whether it is a greenfield investment, or an upgrade project you are embarking on, it is always a good idea to draft a lighting technology design documentation beforehand, to ensure proper results, which will estimate the total number and exact location of luminaries to be installed, to create good visibility for all. 
A good design will enable higher efficiency to be achieved, as a well lit environment can be designed via a smaller number of lamps, offering higher performance, and better light utilisation. 
We will find the best overall lighting solution for you.   
We provide full scale project management services to our Customers, ranging from the initial design to the end user experience, and we’ve been working with a highly trained professional staff to do the installation work for us, for many years in a row now.

Let us be your design partner.


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Miért a KermannLED?

  • magyar tulajdonú cég
  • több mint 10 éves tapasztalat a LED technológiában
  • mérnök kollégáink folyamatos háttértámogatást biztosítanak
  • saját fejlesztésű termékeinkre minimum 5 év garanciát vállalunk
  • kizárólag minőségi termékeket kínálunk
  • tervezétől-kivitelezésig teljeskörű szolgáltatáscsomaggal állunk rendelkezésére

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