“We can detect even the smallest light in the dark. We are looking for the talents under sunlight.”

Ferdinand Dvorín


Would you like to work in a place where your labor is appreciated? Would you like to come to work cheerfully each morning?

Regardless you look for practice, you are new on the labor market, or you are a professional with ample experience, apply for jobs at karrier@kermann.hu.

We think that the greatest value of the company is our employees who promote the company with their enthusiasm and ideas. It is important that our colleagues may fully develop their potential, so we constantly support them in such efforts.


Why is good working at Kermann? 

According to our staff:

  • “I like that I can work independently and they appreciate my work.”
  • “The coffee is very delicious.”
  • “Good team both from personal and professional point of view. Good atmosphere.”
  • “I can do here what I like.”
  • “They trust me, my labor and my ideas.”
  • “When we face a problem, everyone is looking for the solution and not digging up the excuses.”


H-1139 Budapest
Röppentyű u. 48.

Visszahívást kérek

Miért a KermannLED?

  • magyar tulajdonú cég
  • több mint 10 éves tapasztalat a LED technológiában
  • mérnök kollégáink folyamatos háttértámogatást biztosítanak
  • saját fejlesztésű termékeinkre minimum 5 év garanciát vállalunk
  • kizárólag minőségi termékeket kínálunk
  • tervezétől-kivitelezésig teljeskörű szolgáltatáscsomaggal állunk rendelkezésére

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